Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Tradition

Thank you for Thanksgiving... I don't mind making thanksgiving dinner for a crowd but I like it much more when Aaron and Miranda do it. I wonder if I have it at my house next year if 'aaron will do the fried turkey thing...yum... they did a wonderful job it was all yummy and it was fun to be with Aarons family. Thanks again.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

But I don't want to do my homework

So, I was getting ready to leave school today and I had my little pile to take home and work on. Dad was waiting for me to look at hardwood for the kitchen. I looked at the pile and said, "I don't want to do homework, I am the teacher and I (unlike my kids) have a choice". So, I walked right out of my room, locked the door and smiled. So we also looked at tile, went out to eat with Ethan and Miranda.Miranda and I ended up making window panels for Miranda's kitchen. It is almost 10:00. I better continue to help...

Friday, October 16, 2009

A month has gone by.......

It has been a month since we got back from Hawaii. As usual time goes by way too fast. so I ask myself...what have you done?? wellllll I went to school by 7:30 for 12 days, went to two workshops, went out to dinner 3 times, watched general conference for 2 days, the maid came twice, grandma has been here 13 days (don't ask who is getting paid for it) Ethan is amazing and no it isn't him. he is the one fixing all the food for her, sitting for hours playing games, making sure she has her meds, taking out the stinking pee diapers (sorry grandma) etc etc. what a sweet boy. If we added up the amount of times he cared for her and got paid (not) he would have enough for a down payment on a condo. He wants to live away from home like a real adult. (sorry for the vent) I really don't mind her here except it it alot to ask of a 30 year old schitzophrenic boy.

Ok whew...let's see where was I I have entered about 600 names on my book list, I have read 2 books and listened to 2 books, I did not make peach anything, or tomato anything, I discovered I really don't like cooking anymore and soon as I can find a house near me that is for sale I will hypmotize Aaron and Miranda, they will love it and move here, Aaron will love us for finding this great house for them and will invite us for dinner at least 3-4 times a week. Ahhh. I have gained and lost 3 pounds, I walked in the pool once (today). I can't find the bath and bodyworks pumpkins I bought two years in a row, you know the ones that I cleaned out last year, bought orange dish soap to put in them, I have heard from 2 different people about genealogy, One was a 3rd cousin on the french side and one was unrelated on the side of my aunt beatrice who I only saw twice and then my uncle died and she lived back east. wow love to all before i bore you to death

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back from Hawaii

Wow, time always goes so fast. We (Rani, Aaron and I)arrived on Friday, Sept 4. That afternoon was the rehearsal for the wedding of my neice Christelle and her soon to be husband Rob Masi. It was a beautiful day but it rained on the rehearsal. Not a good sign. We all went out to dinner at the Tiki restaurant on Waikiki. My sister Lisa made sure we all got virgin Mai Tai drinks. Just fruit juice. The next day we waited around for the wedding. It was held on the grass outside of Christelle's house, that goes toward the beach. Beautiful wedding and it did not rain. It was hot but there was a niced breeze. Rani was beautiful too as a bridesmaid. The next several days all I did was sit around talking to my mom and taking it easy. One day we went to the International Market Place. I bought some coral jewelry. Unfortuately Miranda got sick and decided to share with Aaron and I. Luckily we didn't come down with it until the day after we got home. Please Please remind me I never never want to take a redeye flight again. I couldn't sleep. It was awful. It took me several days to get back to normal. What ever normal is when you are sick. Sorry no pictures. I don't take any when Miranda is around. Her's are much better. Someday I will learn how to take them off of face book and use them here. Love to all

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hawaii better be paradise after all this

Last night i stayed up until 2:30 trying to find a flight using my frequent flyer miles to Honolulu for Christelle's wedding in September....Yes it is June 5.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is SPRING??????

We went to bed hearing the rain upon the roof. Peaceful falling rain. We woke up to a beautiful spring day, NOT!!!!! 6 yep! 6 inches of very heavy snow.... It was really pretty. I am thankful that we fertilized the lawn last week. Which is your favorite pic?
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tonight, dad and I tried to do taxes. It was too crazy to figure out the condo rental stuff, so we called the guy who did them for the last two years. we got on Laura and Rani's blogs and had fun reading about those who we love. Last night we got birthday cards ready for our twin grand daughters. about time, their birthdays were at the first of the month. I still think I am getting alzhiemers but loren tells me to not worry, it's ok to forget birthdays, the problem occurs when I forget I have grand daughters.